Racism and Christian Unity


The Presbytery of the Mississippi Valley at its May 3, 2016 Stated Meeting at French Camp unanimously adopted the OVERTURE proposed by its Special Committee on Racial Reconciliation entitled:  “Confession of the Sin of Racism, and Commitment to Christian Unity” together with the attached "Pastoral Letter on Racism and the Gospel to the Churches of The Presbytery of the Mississippi Valley (PCA)" and "Suggested Resources on Race and our History for the Presbytery of the Mississippi Valley."

In addition to sending this to the 44th Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly, the presbytery directed that it be forwarded to every session within our presbytery with the encouragement to consider and study this issue of racial reconciliation.

Further, presbytery voted to send our overture to every Presbyterian Church in America stated clerk for their information and consideration. 

Finally, we voted to dismiss the committee with thanks. We are grateful for the many invested hours of faithful prayer, formulation and deliberation invested by committee members:  

Chairman RE Hugh Potts (First, Kosciusko), Vice Chair TE Elbert McGowan Jr. (Redeemer, Jackson), RE Will Thompson (Second, Yazoo), TE Ligon Duncan (RTS), RE Kelle Menogan (Redeemer, Jackson), TE Jim Baird (Honorably Retired), RE Gene McRoberts (First, Jackson), TE Robert Hays (Honorably Retired), RE Kevin Simpson (Highlands, Ridgeland), TE Ricky Glenn (Macon), RE Al Arnold (Redeemer, Jackson) and Ex-Officio Stated Clerk TE Roger Collins (Grace, Byram).

As stated clerk I have witnessed the personal investment and energy devoted to seeking the glory of Christ in this process. I commend each of these men for truly desiring the removal of offense and the unity of the body of Christ. I particularly commend Chairman RE Hugh Potts for his tenacity and wisdom in guiding the committee and presbytery through this process. Moderator RE Rod Russ contributed greatly in the shaping of the committee and we are grateful for his evident wisdom and prayerfulness.

May the Lord be pleased to multiply each of their investments with lasting fruit offered unto our glorious Lord!